Bar, Studs, Pipe Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturers In Gujarat, India


Bar, Studs Shot Blasting Machine

Metloy Blasttech is a Manufacturer Bar and stud, peening shot blasting machine are automatically fed into shot blast cabinet where multiple blast wheel provides through abrasive coverage of the entire surface of the bar and stud.

The bars proceed through the blast cabinet, on to a conveyor which automatically transfers discalced bars on to conveyors for further processing.

Pipe Shot Blasting Machine

The Pipe Shot Blasting Machines (outer) are proper for the surface treatment pipe and related products, available in various sizes for various industries such as oil & gas, steel stockholders, and the food industry.

The machines are provided with blast cabinets, loading and unloading pipe system, the pipe is kept on inward side of skew conveyor for rotating and forward movement of the pipe to expose it’s all surface to the blast stream are the basic constituents of a pipe shot blasting machine. Pipe shot blasting Machine also has a media recovery system similar to that of plate/ structural blasting systems and includes a shot recovery system consisting of screw conveyor, bucket elevator, rotary screen separator and an air wash and dust collection system that work together to remove contaminants and fines, Control dust and maintain correct abrasive size in the blasting mix.
External Pipe Shot Blasting Machine

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