LPG Cylinder Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturers In Gujarat, India

 LPG Cylinder shot blasting machine

Product Description

Shot Blasting Machine for LPG Cylinder is simple to operate with minimum maintenance and operator has to load and unloaded the cylinders on rotating diabolic rollers. The external surface of metallic Gas cylinders are required to be blast cleaned to remove rust, corrosion and surface cleaning for thermal coating and painting. We have also manufactured overhead conveyor type machine with 6 blast wheels to clean the cylinders, after blasting the cylinders are conveyed to metal spray booth on the same conveyor for metal coating.

LPG cylinder blasting machine has several types: First type is diabolo roller conveyor type, which makes the LPG cylinder move forward horizontally and rotate when it moves forward. One or two blast wheels are fixed on top of the blasting chamber. Due to the LPG cylinder rotate when it moves forward, the blast wheel can blast it thoroughly from all sides.