Sand Type Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturers In Gujarat, India


Sand Blasting Cabinet Type Machine

These cabinet types of sandblasting machine are suitable for surface treatment of all products such as metal, glass, plastic etc. and removing oxide skin from any particular products. In this technology, Residues burrs and scratches can also be used for decoration light, matte and strengthen management at the time of the operation. Sand Blasting Machine is a machine that can be movable from one place to another easily. A sandblaster is an operation of forcibly propelling a stream of an abrasive shot against a surface under high pressure to smooth a rough surface, roughen a smooth surface or remove the surface materials.

The machine works on pressure blasting principle, consist of a blast generator. The abrasives are filled at the top of machine when machine is not working and blast generator is not pressurized. At the top, a vibrating sieve is provided to sieve the abrasive filled. The oversize abrasive and debris are retained on the screen, thus prevent the choking of blast line. When mushroom valve is opened the abrasive will get transferred to blast generator for blasting. The mushroom valve gets closed when compressed air is switched on and abrasive storage tank gets pressurized, for free fall of abrasive into the mixing tube. From mixing tube the abrasive is carried away by compressed air to the nozzle for blasting.

Product Features

  • High performance suction gun assembly featuring
  • Automatic fill seal
  • Large inventory door to get easy interior tank access
  • A Heavy-duty steel exhaust valve
  • Pressure-Release remote control system available
  • Mounted wheels can move to any location or job site
  • The heavy-duty cast iron abrasive regulator
  • Flexible pusher line without pressure loss from elbows

Tumbler Basket Type Machine

The tumbler Basket type Machine is designed for mass production of small parts, like zipper head, screws, electronics, plastic pieces, the parts in the rotating basket will be automatically blasted by the auto-blast-guns, whose tumbling actions ensures al the workpieces and all surfaces are blasted. Moreover, the tumble blasting can reach hard-to-reach corners, making even and uniform surface effect. Automatic blasting process replaces manual operation, greatly save manpower and increase productivity.

Product Features


Diabolo Type Shot Blasting MachineĀ 

Metloy Blasttech is providing the highest quality Diabolo Type Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturer. This type of machine tunnel is operating for varied industrial applications. This continues to rotating on its axis and passing forwards into the tunnel. The shots are occurring from the Diabolo Type Shot Blasting Machine on the surface of the job. From the side of the tunnel, it would be coming out after blasting from all the edges. This is so far carried out by this Diabolo Type Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturers India which continues to rotate according to the requirement. It is occurring on the blast wheel on the surface of the job. The machine is equipped with effective shots recovery & cleaning system and dust collector conform to Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) norms. The entire operation of machine is controlled by control panel.