Swing Table Type Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturers In Gujarat, India

table shot blasting machine

Product Description

We are leading manufacturer of Swing Table Type Shot Blasting Machine. It is completely innovative in all the aspects. Swing Table Type Shot Blasting Machine has been extensively designed with the airless, automatic as well as simple handled machines for more application. It is most suitable for heat treatment, forgings and cleaning of pro-plating and pre-anodized articles, alloy steel and ‘Aluminum alloy castings materials and the big to small foundry industries in a more innovative way.

Product Features

  • Attain smooth complexion.
  • Aesthetic finish on Die Castings of Aluminum, Zinc & Alloy Steel.
  • De-sanding & descaling of castings and forgings.
  • Preparation of Surface for Protective coating.
  • Removal of heat treated scales.